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Season 2 (Airing Info)

Season 2 airs on Thursday, June 8th at 8:00 PM/EST on TV 66 Community Television. It will also air on Fox and other stations throughout the month.

The show is also available on the Internet:
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Diane Dave and Dan 2017 TV production team

Season 2: TV Show Promo and Dave's Bio

Learn more about Dave Romeo and the Focused on Success with Dave Romeo TV show, Season 2!  


One of the major changes to Season 2 is be the addition of Dan Lineaweaver of Skyward Thought to the production crew as Film Director and Chief Editor.

I have worked with Dan Lineaweaver on more projects than I can remember. He and I have put together live seminar DVDs, multiple audio programs and countless instructional videos. Dan shares my commitment to excellence and passion for producing a high-quality series that benefits both viewers and sponsors.

One other thing you will notice about Season 2 is that there will  be much more action and excitement in the production of the episodes. The lion's share of Season 2's studio recording will be done at Chestnut Hill Villa in Manheim, Pennsylvania. On-location shoots will occur at various sites and featured businesses throughout the commonwealth.

Sharon Dean and Dave sitting on TV set for Season 2
Tim Fives and Dave on TV set for Season 2
Chestnut Hill Villa
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